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One Of The Best Music Producers In The Business

p>At Prime Music Group, we offer all the necessary services for recording artists. Stop by our office in Covington for a meeting and let us take care of your musical project. Whether you simply need to book the recording studio with a sound engineer or you're looking for full production, we are here to make your music shine. Do you want to see your professionally recorded music next to the records of your favourite artists? Get in touch with us call our number listed

We value our listeners

Our passion and dedication have always driven us to greater heights. Our listeners are our supporters and, as such, we consider them as our partners. We understand that you need fresh music that can stand the test of time, and so we only produce the best while maintaining a commitment to deliver quality beats every time. Our trained musicians gather inspirations from all walks of life to deliver music designed to resonate with you on a spiritual level.

Our Team / Upperechelon

Eddie Kane: Ceo/Producer/Engineer/Artist & Songwriter/A&R Menatti: Cfo/Engineer/Artist & Songwriter/A&R Atlas: Executive/ Artist & Songwriter/ A&R


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